HY3P Competition

A big THANK YOU to all that participated and congratulations to our winners Team clned. Unfortunately, the competition is on hiatus until further notice.

To all UBC undergraduate students:

Looking for a challenge? Care to try something new? Want to build something cool?

Great news!! UBC Rapid invites you to join the Hack-Your 3D-Printer Competition, where we dare you to make a better version of the Prusa i3 printer. No prior experience with 3D printers needed, we will provide you the 3D printer kit and the necessary training to get started. Winner of the competition will receive $600 CASH PRIZE and get to keep the printer they hacked!! Interested?  Scroll down to learn more.


What is HY3P?

HY3P is an engineering student team competition, where students will form a team of six and take on the challenge of hacking a Prusa i3 printer. Your team will be given 5 months starting from October 2016 to work on the task. The HY3P competition will be held on the 11th of March 2017, where all teams will compete with each other to find out who has the best performing Prusa i3. Winner of the competition will claim the title of “HY3P 2017 Ultimate Hackers” and a $600 cash prize.

There will be a 3 team (6 people / team) limit for HY3P 2017. The teams will be competitively selected through an application process. ( Teams that are selected will be allowed to keep one printer that they hacked*, regardless of their placing in the competition.)

*Terms and Condition apply

Who can join?

You must be a UBC student to join HY3P.

How to join?

To join HY3P, first form a 6 person team, and then complete our application form (link below).before September 26, 2016. Each team has to submit one team application form and each member of the team has to submit one individual application form.

Where can I learn more about HY3P?

If you are interested in joining the competition, we implore you to come to our mixer event in MacLeod 418 on September 15, 6:30pm-8pm. Here, you get to meet like minded people and form teams for the competition. Tips on writing a successful HY3P application and more details about HY3P, including our new member’s training program and HY3P major events will be presented during the event.

If our mixer event does not fit in your schedule, you can always email us at hy3p@ubc-rapid.com and ask us your HY3P questions.


Competition Rules

Here is the interim HY3P competition rules, it is still subject to change/improvement. If you have questions or suggestions about the rules, please let us know.

HY3P 2017 Competition Rules